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Quotes from Participants

Weekly Classes  top

"My favorite topic was the pigeonhole principle. I look forward to every class"

- B., MS Fall '17

"The program is interesting and the variety of topics is great"

- MS Fall '17

"I really enjoyed having Ms. Lee as a teacher and I deeply want to thank her"

- MS Fall '17

"MC is awesome!"

- G., MS Fall '17

"Everything was and is great! For the future, I only expect more reinforcement! Please let Jan Siwanowicz stay on HSB!"

- R., HS Fall '17

"Induction was my favorite topic - Jan is an amazing teacher"

- K., HS Fall '17

"I enjoyed the topology proof of infinite primes - I enjoyed the contests too!"

- HS Fall '17

"I enjoyed the knot activity - my teacher was extremely good at making the class engaging."

- HS Fall '17

"He is the most amazing teacher I have ever had"

- E., HS Fall '17

"I really enjoyed the logic problems we did towards the end of the year. It really made me think out of the box"

- MS Fall '17

Summer Program  top

"It was very hard, but I loved learning about projective space with Mr. Gomprecht and Jan!"

- HS Summer '17

"I thought the Cauchy-Schwarz problems were cool."

- HS Summer '17

"I enjoyed the focus on proofs and feel that this experience has made me a better writer of proofs"

- M., HS Summer '17

"enjoyed this program very much and I learned about topics I had no background in, which was exactly what I had hoped for. Thank you."

- HS Summer '17

"My favorite topic was learning about different sizes of infinity."

- HS Summer '17

"A really fun program - I will definitely attend again in the future."

- N., HS Summer '17

"It was interactive, teachers were nice and it was fun to meet new people."

- R., HS Summer '16

"I really liked the structure of the program where we learned new topics in the morning and solved interesting problems in the afternoon session."

- HS Summer '16

"It was including many areas of math, both that are fun and challenging."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked how we went over multiple different ways of solving the same problem."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked that the students did most of the work and taught the solution and that the instructors filled in the gaps."

- HS Summer '16

"The instructors encouraged us to explore mathematical ideas on our own."

- HS Summer '16

"I liked how we were able to learn a lot of interesting math we don't learn in school."

- HS Summer '16

Teacher Programs  top